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Watch These 4 Super Simple Street Food Builds That’ll Make Kids Go Wild​

When you want to excite your students, try street food: tasty, handheld fare you’d normally find from a sidewalk cart or food truck. These generally affordable options often come in boats, on sticks or wrapped up for the true on-the-move experience.

Watch these quick builds to inspire your K12 menu and see how easy street food can be.


Philly-Style Sandwich

JENNIE-O® Oven Roasted Turkey Breast loaded with grilled onions, peppers and yellow cheese sauce.

This East Coast staple has so much to love about it. Soft, warm bites. Layers of flavor. Classic American fare. This K12 version has everything to admire about it minus the sidewalk cart.


A traditional Latin-American corn cake stuffed with JENNIE-O® Turkey Ham and mozzarella (or the cheese of your choice).

A favorite among Venezuelan and Colombian pedestrians, arepas give your kids a chance to try one of the more popular Latin-American foods. Serve as is, or add an egg for a fun breakfast-for-lunch option.


Korean-Style Turkey Meatballs

JENNIE-O® Turkey Meatballs marinated in a sweet & savory sauce and served over rice or with a side of bread.

Korean flavors have only been getting more popular as time goes on. These sweet, zesty meatballs will do great on any lunch menu and can be served in so many different ways. Our favorites: in a bowl over rice or skewered for the real handheld experience.

Banh Mi Turkey Dogs

JENNIE-O® Smoked Uncured Turkey Frank on a hot dog bun with jalapeño, pickled carrots, sriracha mayo and cilantro.

It’s not easy to walk the streets of Vietnam without wanting to grab a banh mi from vendor after vendor. The warm, tasty bites of this version are perfectly paired with fresh or pickled veggies.

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