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Double Down on 2 Favorites with Global Breakfast-for-Lunch

Any time you can get your kids excited about lunch is a win—and by combining two of their favorite types of meals, they’re sure to leave the cafeteria extra happy. Here are some ways you can serve up two popular styles of lunch at the same time: internationally inspired and breakfast-for-lunch.

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Keep Kids on Campus with QSR Meal Copycats

Newsflash: kids love fast food. You probably even watch older students head out to their favorite quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) during the lunch hour. But keeping kids on campus—and getting them excited about your menu—is easier than you think when you have the right inspiration. Here are six ways to mimic fast-food favorites, plus some tips to help bring the QSR experience into your school.

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This year at ANC

The New Products and Resources Featured at ANC 2023

At this year’s ANC, we got to show off so many new ways to help you serve your kids, from unique turkey products to new-for-K12 Hormel Foods items to cafeteria resources. Whether you missed the event or you simply want to see the exciting updates again, here’s a look at what we featured at this year’s show.

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Planning and Placing Your Holiday Orders

It’s that time again! The end-of-year holidays will be here before you know it. Make sure you’re prepared by placing your holiday orders by July 31st so your students and staff can enjoy the festive season with tasty foods. Jump-start your planning with inspiration from 6 Thanksgiving meal ideas.

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Your Trusted Turkey Teammate, Today and Tomorrow

There’s so much magic you can create with turkey. It’s an incredible value, it’s convenient to use, and the taste is nothing short of beloved. We know it’s an important part of your menu. Because of that, we are 100% committed to your success. Now with the further integration into Hormel Foods, that commitment will only get stronger.

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Fun, festive breakfast and taco-nacho bars

Fun, Festive Breakfast & Taco-Nacho Bars

Made-to-order meals get kids excited for lunchtime in a way that’s easy on your staff. Take a look at how to set up your wells for a breakfast bar, then—by swapping some ingredients—how to shift to a taco and nacho bar later in the week.

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Cooking Up Burger & Hot Dog Bars

Have-it-your-way meals are simple to manage and exciting for kids. Here’s how you can set up your wells for a burger made-to-order bar, how to shift to a hot dog bar later in the week by swapping out ingredients, and complete meal ideas for easy point-and-order eating.

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Made to order series 1 - Potato and Pasta Bars

Easy-Peasy Potato & Pasta Bars

Customizable meals aren’t only a big draw for kids—they’re also easier to implement than they seem! In this series, you’ll learn how to set up your wells for one type of made-to-order bar, then how to create a new lineup later in the week by swapping out some ingredients.

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Turkey Bacon for All

3 Turkey Bacon Recipes ALL Kids Can Gobble Up

Everyone loves bacon, and now everyone can have it. While traditional bacon is delicious, pork-based ingredients can exclude students who have dietary restrictions. Instead, try turkey bacon that comes in familiar, savory, perfectly cooked strips that everyone can enjoy during lunchtime.

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