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Double Down on 2 Favorites with Global Breakfast-for-Lunch

Any time you can get your kids excited about lunch is a win—and by combining two of their favorite types of meals, they’re sure to leave the cafeteria extra happy. Here are some ways you can serve up two popular styles of lunch at the same time: internationally inspired and breakfast-for-lunch.


62% of people say breakfast is their favorite meal.1

Gen Z’s increasingly adventurous tastes drive their interest in global foods.2


79% of people eat breakfast foods for other meals, like lunch!1

1 BakeMag, 2021
2 Snack and Bakery, 2022

Polish Jajecznica

(pronounced YAH-yetch-neetz-uh)

polish breakfast

Translating to “scrambled eggs,” a full jajecznica is made up of seasoned scrambled eggs topped with JENNIE-O® Turkey Kielbasa #613620 and potato pancakes.

polish flag

The name can be tough to pronounce, so consider referring to it as something easy, like “Polish Breakfast”.

Vietnamese Pho

(pronounced FUH)

pho breakfast

In Vietnam, pho is eaten any time of day—including breakfast. Serve this un-pho-gettable meal made up of JENNIE-O® All Natural* Turkey Breast Strips #616920, chicken stock, rice noodles, chili pepper, green onion, cilantro, spice blend and lime.

Vietnamese flag

Along with a spoon and fork, give curious students the option of using chopsticks.

*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients 

North African/ Middle Eastern Shakshuka

(pronounced shahk-SHOO-kuh)


Originating from the phrase “all mixed up,” shakshuka is a familiar-yet-unique combination of ingredients. Make it using JENNIE-O® Savory Turkey Crumbles #08996, eggs, tomatoes, onions, peppers and tomato sauce.

middle eastern flag

Don’t have naan? Serve with a slice of toasted bread instead.

Mexican Chilaquiles

(pronounced chill-uh-KEE-lays)


Chilaquiles is a great way to use up leftover tortillas. Prepare by combining JENNIE-O® All Natural* Turkey Breast Strips #616920, jalapeño, onion, cotija cheese, cilantro and crema drizzle with baked tortilla chips.

mexican flag

Not all kids like heat, so consider serving the jalapeños on the side.

*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients 

American Breakfast Pizza

(pronounced delicious!)

american breakfast pizza

Breakfast and pizza. Do kids love anything more? Create this by topping pizza crust with pinched JENNIE-O® All Natural* Spicy Italian-Style Turkey Sausage #54057, turkey sausage gravy, scrambled eggs and shredded American cheese.

american flag

Serve on a square pizza crust for easy sheet-pan preparation.

*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients 

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