Made to order series 1 - Potato and Pasta Bars

Easy-Peasy Potato & Pasta Bars

The Made-to-Order Series

Customizable meals aren’t only a big draw for kids—they’re also easier to implement than they seem! In this series, you’ll learn how to set up your wells for one type of made-to-order bar, then how to create a new lineup later in the week by swapping out some ingredients. We’ll also show you complete meal ideas for easy decision-making. Let’s start!

Today’s biggest kid-friendly restaurants serve customizable, freshly prepared meals like burritos, subs and noodle bowls.

Setting Up and Switching Out Your Wells

Use this basic setup for your self-serve or staff-served Potato Bar (and feel free to sub in other ingredients that you have on hand).

Then later in the week, swap out a handful of ingredients to create your self-serve or staff-served Pasta Bar!

Featured Meals for Potato Bar Days

Have these complete meal ideas ready for those students who want a quick and easy decision.

Asian Meatballs & Tots

Tater tots, JENNIE-O® Turkey Meatballs in Thai chili sauce or sweet & sour sauce, broccoli, and fortune cookie

Turkey Dinner for Lunch

Mashed Potatoes, JENNIE-O® Chunked and Shredded Turkey & Gravy, and corn

Post a few helpful directions or add appropriate utensils at self-serve stations to help kids know how much to take!

Even More Meal Ideas

Featured Meals for Pasta Bar Days

Pot Pie Pasta

Rotini, JENNIE-O® Chunked and Shredded Turkey & Gravy, corn, carrots and peas, and shredded cheddar cheese

Penne Alfredo with Meatballs

Penne, JENNIE-O® Turkey Meatballs with alfredo sauce, carrots, and grated Parmesan cheese

Even More Meal Ideas

Next Up: Burger & Hot Dog Bar

Keep an eye out for the next in this series, Cooking Up Burger & Hot Dog Bars! After that, our last installment will have a downloadable guide to help you with all of your made-to-order bars. Until then, here are some images to promote Potato & Pasta Bars on your social media.

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