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Short on Time? Try Speed-Scratch Turkey Products

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When kids are hungry, there’s no time to spare. This is when you need ingredients that come easy and go fast, especially when staffing is low. Take a minute to check out these two quick and simple speed-scratch turkey products that give you time to breathe and flexibility across the menu.

Fully Cooked—Just Heat and Make

Kettle cooked, sous vide, boil-in-a-bag—whatever you call it, speed-scratch doesn’t get much speedier. Just place the bags in boiling water and bring to temperature. (You can also steam in-bag, or open and prepare on stovetop.)

JENNIE-O® Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey: the option of white and dark meat, or just dark meat, that comes cooked, ground up and pre-seasoned with mild Mexican flavors.

JENNIE-O® Chunked and Shredded Turkey & Gravy: the option of white and dark meat, or just white meat, that comes prepared with a traditional, light gravy—no knifework needed!

With no time-intensive prep or training required, you can easily create the lunches your students love—from the simplest classics to bases for other new and exciting meals.

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Everyone's Going Simple & Versatile

“K12 programs can be expected to simplify menus and use more versatile ingredients in the coming year.”1

JENNIE-O® Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey

Recipes and Ideas

Picadillo with Brown Rice

An easy Mexican-style lunch made with salsa, carrots and peas.

Stuffed Pepper

A fun, out-of-the-bowl way to serve lunch. Made with brown rice and cheddar cheese.

Fiesta Mac

A party in every bite, with macaroni, salsa, tomato sauce and cheddar cheese.

Even More Ideas


Classic nachos

taco pizza

Taco pizza


Served over rice, noodles or potatoes


Taco lasagna or taco casserole


Walking tacos

JENNIE-O® Chunked and Shredded Turkey & Gravy

Recipes and Ideas

Turkey & Gravy Sweet Potato Waffle Fries

A tasty heap made with sweet potato waffle fries, JENNIE-O® Turkey Bacon, cheese and green onion.

Holiday Bowl

The lunchtime version of the classic dinner, complete with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and carrots.

Pot Pie

Warm and comforting bites with potatoes, carrots, onion in a flaky pie crust.

Even More Ideas




As a base for soups, like turkey & dumplings

shepherd's pie

Shepherd’s pie

mashed potatoes

Served over mashed potatoes, tater tots or wedges

Hope you enjoy having a little more time back on your side!

 If you need anything else, reach out to your rep.

1 Food Management, 2022

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