This year at ANC

The New Products and Resources Featured at ANC 2023

At this year’s ANC, we got to show off so many new ways to help you serve your kids, from unique turkey products to new-for-K12 Hormel Foods items to cafeteria resources. Whether you missed the event or you simply want to see the exciting updates again, here’s a look at what we featured at this year’s show.

New from Jennie-O

From unique formats to exciting flavors, we showcased a lot of new, creative turkey products your kids are sure to love:

JENNIE-O® Turkey Barbacoa
A fully prepared, student-approved protein1 lets you add rich, Mexican flavor into everything from tacos to pasta.

JENNIE-O® Turkey Kielbasa
Add to a bun for a tasty alternative on hot dog day, or try chopping up and serving with veggies.

JENNIE-O® Dill-Flavored Breaded Turkey Patties and Nuggets
Made with dill, whole-grain breading and whole-muscle breast meat and to mimic kid-favorites at popular chains.

JENNIE-O® NAE Slow Roasted Dark Turkey
Put juicy, no-antibiotics-ever dark turkey into your students’ go-to meals to elevate your school lunch program.

New-for-K12 HORMEL® Items
hormel breakfast bar

Breakfast Bars

BREAKFAST COMBOS® Bars are tasty new options for quick morning meals or breakfast-for-lunch. Create a fully credited meal by adding fruit and milk to either variety:

  • Pork sausage, egg and American cheese
  • Ham, egg and American cheese

Smart Snacks

These Smart Snack-compliant items are great for in school or on-the-go snacking.

  • CORN NUTS® Snacks, perfect for nut-free schools
  • PLANTERS® Honey Roasted and Salted Peanuts, .75 oz of MT/MT alt
  • SKIPPY® Peanut Butter Squeeze Packets, ideal for easy protein, 1 oz of MT/MT alt
hormel smart snacks

New Resources for Your Kitchen

12 USDA Turkey Recipes

These school-friendly recipes feature new JENNIE-O® items as well as quick-serve copycats, like East-coast subs and coffee shop sandwiches.

K12 on Instagram

We officially launched the @k12byhormel Instagram page where you can keep up on trends, get kitchen tips and see what’s new in the Jennie-O and Hormel Foods K12 portfolios, all in your feed.

Interested in bringing any of these items to your cafeteria? Reach out to your rep to get started.

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