The Many Superpowers of Turkey Meatballs

There’s a lot of power in food. You would know—you’re a superhero, the way you put kids first while keeping evil hunger at bay. (And with that mask, all you need is a cape.)

But many superheroes have a cohort. A super buddy. A partner to complete their dynamic duo. And we can recommend just the one for you: warm, savory turkey meatballs.

With enough superpowers to star in their own hit movie, these meatballs make the perfect companion by keeping prep easy, lunches exciting and students satisfied—all right from your freezer.

The Powers that Save The Day

Super Versatile

Menu options for meatballs go beyond spaghetti (which is still a favorite!) With plenty of recipe possibilities, if you menu meatballs once a week, you could serve a different dish each time for at least two months.

Super Servable

These fully seasoned, fully cooked meatballs plate and transport well, making them perfect for wherever kids are having their meals today: cafeteria, classroom or curbside.

Super Tasty

Turkey meatballs are an excellent alternative to beef-based meatballs. The savory flavor works great on its own but combines well with other ingredients too.

Super Popular

For the real proof, go straight to the source: students love meatballs in all different types of applications, like meatball subs and Asian bowls.

12 Ways to Serve

From Korean to Italian to Swedish and beyond, these meatballs find their way into many types of cuisines to keep your menu options exciting. Holy versatility! Follow the links below for USDA recipes and more meatball inspiration.

Meatball Bahn Mi

Savory meatballs really round out this Vietnamese sub.

Meatball Flatbread

This one is flat-out delicious.

Soba Noodle Bowl

This soba bowl is soba-mazing.

Meatball Bowl

Just give them a fork and they’ll have one hearty lunch.

Sweet and Sour Turkey Meatballs

A little sweet. A little sour. A whole lotta yum.

Turkey Meatball Gyro

That pita won’t know what hit it.

BBQ Turkey Meatballs

Move over pork and chicken—it’s turkey’s time to shine.

Turkey Meatball Sub

A meatball classic that never gets old.

Traditional Spaghetti and Meatballs

A comforting classic that never gets old.

Vietnamese Turkey Meatballs with Rice

Make new fans of global flavors.

Korean BBQ Meatball Rice Bowls

Give your menu a little Korean-style zest.

Swedish Turkey Meatballs

Serve up this creamy, savory, unique lunchtime meal.

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