Turkey Bacon for All

3 Turkey Bacon Recipes ALL Kids Can Gobble Up

Everyone loves bacon, and now everyone can have it. While traditional bacon is delicious, pork-based ingredients can exclude students who have dietary restrictions. Instead, try turkey bacon that comes in familiar, savory, perfectly cooked strips that everyone can enjoy during lunchtime.

Here are 3 recipes that show how pre-crisped JENNIE-O® Premium Perfect Slice Turkey Bacon can add so much without requiring extra prep or labor.

Loaded Baked Potato Bar

This is the perfect option for selective eaters. Turkey bacon and chili on a baked potato with any or all of the toppings to make it exactly the way each student likes it.

You’ll need:

Topping options:

Cheddar Cheese

Sour cream

Broccoli & mushrooms

Green onions

Diced tomatoes

Turkey & Bacon Cobb Salad

Part-hearty and part-fresh, this salad is a great midday meal that keeps brains ready for afternoon math class. Toss with dressing and dish up, or serve the dressing in packets on the side to let students add as much as they please.

You’ll need:

Shredded cheddar cheese

Romaine lettuce & cherry tomatoes

Hardboiled egg

Salad dressing

Turkey Avocado Bacon Ranch Panini

Whenever you can take a basic turkey sandwich up a few notches, we recommend it! This panini is the perfect example: turkey slices and turkey bacon PLUS cheese PLUS avocado PLUS a layer of ranch flavor.

You’ll need:

Whole grain bread

Avocado & ranch dressing

Onion powder

Sliced American cheese

Download these social posts to get your kids excited for turkey bacon in the cafeteria. Want more ways to help every student enjoy your whole menu? Reach out to your rep for ideas, product suggestions and more.

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