Cooking Up Burger & Hot Dog Bars

The Made-to-Order Series

Have-it-your-way meals are simple to manage and exciting for kids. Here’s how you can set up your wells for a burger made-to-order bar, how to shift to a hot dog bar later in the week by swapping out ingredients, and complete meal ideas for easy point-and-order eating.

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Nearly 90% of districts use customization in salad bars, entrée bars and self-service stations.**

Setting Up and Switching Out Your Wells

Use this basic setup for your self-serve or staff-served Burger Bar (and feel free to sub in other ingredients that you have on hand).

Then later in the week, swap out a handful of ingredients to create your self-serve or staff-served Hot Dog Bar!

Featured Meals for Burger Bar Days

Have these complete meal ideas ready for those students who want a quick and easy decision.

Ranch Burger

Bun, JENNIE-O® All-Natural* Savory Turkey Burger, shredded or sliced cheese, lettuce, and ranch dressing with a side of broccoli

BBQ Burger

Bun, JENNIE-O® All-Natural* Savory Turkey Burger, BBQ sauce, and shredded or sliced cheese with a side of carrots

Set out a couple serving directions or add appropriate utensils at self-serve stations to help instruct your students!

Even More Meal Ideas

Featured Meals for Hot Dog Bar Days

Chili Dog

Bun, JENNIE-O® Smoked Uncured Turkey Frank, chili and shredded cheddar cheese with a side of broccoli

Nacho Dog

Bun, JENNIE-O® Smoked Uncured Turkey Frank, nacho cheese sauce and chopped JENNIE-O® Fully Cooked Turkey Bacon with a side of green beans

Even More Meal Ideas

Next in our Made-to-Order Series: Breakfast & Taco-Nacho Bars

Keep an eye our next part of this series: Fun, Festive Breakfast & Taco-Nacho Bar! After that, our last installment will have a downloadable guide to help you with all of your made-to-order bars. Until then, here are some images to promote Burger & Hot Dog Bars on your social media.

*Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients
**School Nutrition Association, The School Nutrition Trends Report 2017

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