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Your Trusted Turkey Teammate, Today and Tomorrow

There’s so much magic you can create with turkey. It’s an incredible value, it’s convenient to use, and the taste is nothing short of beloved. We know it’s an important part of your menu. Because of that, we are 100% committed to your success. Now with the further integration into Hormel Foods, that commitment will only get stronger.

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Fun, festive breakfast and taco-nacho bars

Fun, Festive Breakfast & Taco-Nacho Bars

Made-to-order meals get kids excited for lunchtime in a way that’s easy on your staff. Take a look at how to set up your wells for a breakfast bar, then—by swapping some ingredients—how to shift to a taco and nacho bar later in the week.

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Cooking Up Burger & Hot Dog Bars

Have-it-your-way meals are simple to manage and exciting for kids. Here’s how you can set up your wells for a burger made-to-order bar, how to shift to a hot dog bar later in the week by swapping out ingredients, and complete meal ideas for easy point-and-order eating.

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